Is Winter the Home of the Memoir?

Well here in the southern part of Australia, it cold very cold. Whilst sluggishly hibernating I got sick this year. Its common:

  • colds
  • sore throats
  • asthma
  • sore joints
  • cold sores

Image result for winter solstice stonehenge 2015 creative commons images

Winter Health  provides useful information on the physical effects but the gamut of shortening colder days also effect our moods and our resilience. In Woman’s Day the blog gives tips but also includes a lovely section titled, work with it; yes, love yourself. The cold, fatigue and lack of light create an internal battle in some of us, exhausting us out more, illness the inevitable bounty of the ongoing conflict.

Studying Acupuncture in the early eighties, I became more accepting of our true holistic natures. In her site Mary Hart explores winter and its associated emotion, fear.

Traditionally, it was the period of the year when people worked less and therefore had a lot more time to be quiet in order to conserve energy and survive. Along with this abundance of time came the inevitable opportunity to reflect on one’s life and take stock of what has been. During this time, seeds of change are planted in the deepest reserves of a person’s being. Only when we reflect on the past can we ascertain what needs to be changed in order to move forward into the springtime with our plans for the coming year. Mary Hart

The winter solstice just last weekend reminds us that our ebbing energy will again gain momentum toward the summer. The contracting cold and the increasing darkness invite us to look within. This insightful quote from Diana Rankin sums it up well.

It is where who I am and whom I want to be smack up against each other and I cannot hide the truth of my thoughts and actions from myself. It is here, in this inner world, that I am able to delve into myself and move beyond to the point of creation of that which I want to be and want to manifest within my personal world and for the greater world.          Diane Rankin

Finding myself at this cross roads I am often drawn to a book or it to me. I love memoirs because they tell a story of a real person, with a tangible life who through often insurmountable circumstances find a solution. Here among the pages are pearls of wisdom gently imparted for me to reflect upon, selecting that which applies to me in the privacy of my being.

On one of my Google escapades, I once read that the perfect reading for winter is the memoir. Now to me at least it all makes sense. in Schicksal I explore love, loss war , and resilience hoping to inspire my readers.

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