Red Anyone?

The eye catching qualities of the colour red need no touting. Red seems to be diametrically opposed, on one hand associated with energy, action, strength and determination on the other intense emotions such as passion, drive, love and desire.

How do you feel about the colour red? Do you have any red items of clothing, accents in your home or red lipstick? My best friend heard a radio interview about the power of red lipstick. I seemed that red lipstick increased one’s esteem and sense of personal power. Looking at each other we decided to try it out.

Image result for creative commons images red lips

Red lips are frequently associated with sensuality verging on sexuality; for a woman to be confident in her sexuality, considered by some as scandalous and loose. I bought a flaming red lipstick and to my surprise had some difficulty embracing my new look. My lips screamed out from the rest of my face. I love colour. What was amiss?

The colours around us influence us physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Red boosts our metabolism with measurable effects such as an increase in respiratory rate and blood pressure.  Scientists and psychologists have investigated this concept. If red peps you up, why had I slowed down?

One to push through the inertia, I began to wear red. An irrational part of me thought I would be told not to wear red in a hospital. No one battered and eyelid. I even received a few compliments helping me adapt to the new experience. with heightened awareness I noticed red splashed here and there.

Chinese restaurants often use this shade as it symbolizes good fortune and joy. The colour of the fire element, it represents warmth, expansion, movement, and rapidity. Red is also fortuitous closely linked to money and financial abundance. a direct link to survival, work performance and business acumen.

The long wavelength of red light makes it appear nearer to us than it really is. For this reason it grabs our attention before other colours, a fact advertising agencies capitalise on. Look at the following successful company logos; Coca Cola, KFC, Heinz, target, and General electric just to name a few.

McDonald s add yellow a variant of gold. It sure works for them.

I now wear red lipstick and am mourning the fact that my first tube is nearly finished. I have overcome the desire to dilute it with brown, creating a reddish brown mutant, my previous signature. On blue days , I embrace red, socks, panties, singlets. Got to love it.

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