Day one in the world of blogging

The sign on this page said, “Happy Blogging!

Image result for sunray creative commons image

Like all diligent students I went through the equivalent of an intro to blogging. It seemed so simple and logical. With childlike enthusiasm I clicked on the buttons and got momentarily disoriented in the sea of choices. Although a little spacey and uncertain, I remembered why I had put myself here.

Blogs are an amazing way to connect with people who share your interests or inspire you. The sheer magnitude of variation in human expression via words, images and art, inspire us. Inspiration, a lofty place takes us out of our customary mundane existence. Under the hypnotic influence of inspiration we grow.

I always wanted to write a book and after some serious procrastination, I did. I wrote “Schicksal.” Well that’s another tick on the bucket list. In my naivety, my blinkered vision  failed to consider why I wrote the book. Yes of course to share a magnificent story but to share it, books had to be sold. You mean that it is my responsibility to do the sharing?

So here on my blog I wish to inspire those reading my post, to do the same. Go fearlessly out into the world of social media and make the world a more beautiful place by adding your unique take on take world to its rich tapestry. Anzac Day here in Melbourne two women began in a small way to build a dream.

Gradually more people became aware and shared the fruits of their creativity. Some years of hard work and innovative thought later the images shown on this link became a reality. Scroll down on and enjoy the fruition of a dream.

Like them I feel that the genuine expressions we write in blog posts are an electronic version of a cozy evening on the couch, sharing interesting conversation with a friend. Through words we make deeper connection with those around us who may be many miles away. The world became smaller through the use of the internet. Behind the anonymity of our computer screens our efforts are emboldened.

What ever you do with full love in your heart, have courage to show it to the world. Together our laours of love will change the face of the world in which we live.

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